Refining and modernizing a 90 year old Electric Co-op’s brand


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The electric cooperative for safe, dependable and affordable power in South Central Mississippi. PRVEPA serves over 50,000 diverse members in 12 counties, and maintains over 6,000 miles of line.


In light of the current pandemic and the younger generations PRVEPA serves, there was an urgent need to modernize and improve their online experiences and services to cater to the world shifting towards remote digital interactions. PRVEPA needed a major facelift to its 90 year old web presence and online experience.


As apprentice to world renowned brand strategist Melinda Livsey on the team of Mocs Media (Mo Ismail), I worked closely with Melinda during the brand workshop and on the brand strategy and roadmap deliverables for this project.

Melinda facilitating PRVEPA’s Brand Strategy Workshop

Melinda, Mo & Erika in discussion (Mocs Media)

Melinda facilitating PRVEPA's Brand Strategy Workshop

Erika presenting our final Brand Strategy Roadmap

Our brand workshop lasted for about 8 hours on zoom with an hour lunch break in between. Led by Melinda, we ran through PRVEPA’s goals, Mo’s needs as the website strategist and designer, and a variety of brand strategy exercises to narrow down what needed to be rebranded or modernized, and what was doing well. Following the workshop, Melinda and I reconvened for a short session to break down what needed to be done and how I should approach my first pass at the roadmap and strategy deck.

My first pass

After about 2-3 days, I presented Melinda with my research on electric co-ops and how the industry’s landscape looked like in Mississippi. I broke down why and how co-ops worked in USA and in MS, and where PRVEPA stood within that flowchart. That gave us a strong foundation to begin the right approach to developing its brand strategy.

The second pass

Melinda and I decided to restructure the brand strategy deck/ roadmap into chapters that helped PRVEPA make the case to their members and board that modernization and a rebrand was necessary and relevant now. Co-ops are owned by a body of members and a panel of board members make decisions on where money is allocated within the organization. By structuring our roadmap deliverable this way, it helped their Head of Marketing to present this rebrand in a strategic and highly applicable manner.

Melinda did a final look-over of the roadmap, including beautifying the keynote deck with on-brand colors and typography that I had parsed out.

I was given the honors of presenting our 60-page strategy deck to the client, which was both nerve-wrecking but extremely rewarding.

The rebranded website