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The end-to-end solution for resilient city building. Structured as a data management and mapping cloud platform, Ginkgo shows what's really going on in our streets and neighborhoods. Your eyes on the ground and up above.

Ginkgo, previously Citiesense, is primarily a B2B SaaS product aimed to serve community managers like Business Improvement Districts & Chambers of Commerce.


As a revolutionary platform dedicated to returning power to the people on a local level, Ginkgo was struggling to convey its forward-thinking methodology, find its foothold in the smart cities and neighborhood improvement sector, and inspire industry trust within a saturated and volatile startup SaaS world.


I was tasked to help Ginkgo strategically and visually communicate what they do, who they are for, and why they matter. Through the process of an in-depth branding workshop, we decided to move forward with a comprehensive rebrand of the name, strategy, values, messaging, look and feel, and reprioritization of its product development.

The Branding

The Website/ Motion Graphics

For more information about this project, check out my archived site:︎︎︎

the side hustle of 2015 – 2021

For 6 years, I dedicated my career to dance performance and creating movement for the stage, while exploring what design meant to me as an artist.
why it mattered

That gave me the time and space to breathe new life into my interdisciplinary arts-based research around the fluid categorization of identities in tangent with the self.